SWEC Software blog introduction

So I’ve finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and start blogging. I’ve never really considered myself a writer, so I believe this will be a challenge; but I’m hoping to share my experiences, and ideas, and the best way I can do that is here. I’ve written a few articles in the past which were well received and I thought perhaps my experience could help others. Or at the very least, maybe you will find it interesting or have a good laugh.

As with all programming languages you learn, you typically start out with a program called “Hello World”, so are you surprised my title is the same? As a software developer, I have looked at several different blogging tools, as well as having built a few of my own. After considering the functionality I wanted, I decided I would convert one of my own designs to support my blog. I intend to share my software and project ideas as well as anything I find interesting or helpful. Writing solid, re-usable code is something I take very seriously. I like my code to be readable and well-organized, so I take great care in writing clean code. I’m in the process of sharing snippets of code I have created or collected over the years. You can find them here: secure.swecsoftware.com/help/snippets. I’ll be adding more snippets as I sort through my files; so feel free to use whatever I have available.

I’m sure most of my posts will revolve around my job. I’m a software engineer, self-employed, and have been working from home for over 10 years. But you never know what might come to mind one day and I will write about. I have opinions on many topics and you can bet I’m willing to share them (my friends will likely frown at that statement). So here I am, say hello, leave a comment and let’s have fun.

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